LNG Supply

Over 100 years of domestic natural gas is now avaiable. Our team can supply very affordable LNG fuel for your fleet anywhere in the world. We have the right equipment and are seeking fuel supply contracts with new customers now.

Savings Calculations

Cut your fuel costs by 50%! Contact us today to see how much money your company would save by using LNG instead of diesel.

When produced on site, fuel prices are significantly less expensive than fuel stations. Maximize your savings with a MicroLNG system.

LNG Equipment

Modular LNG production units are available for 5,000 to 250,000 gallons per day. These systems are the right size for fleets from 25 to 500 trucks.

Project Partnerships

Let MicroLNG provide our expertise to partner with your company for a joint venture. Contact us today to begin a free evaluation.

Company Overview

MicroLNG designs small to medium size LNG liquefiers which are produced by our contract manufacturer in California under license. Lead times are typically less than 12 months with industry leading costs and efficiencies.
Optionally, MicroLNG can operate the system for you and charge a tolling fee for the LNG provided to your fleet using modular equipment located on your site or very near by. We can also provide consulting services, equipment procurement, and opportunities for joint ventures.

Our experienced engineers are available to work with your company in this new, exciting field of micro scale LNG.

Whether you need a reliable LNG fuel supplier or a consultant for your own LNG project, the team at Micro LNG can get the savings started right away.


Company News

September 17-2013
MicroLNG exhibits at the High Horsepower Summit for LNG fuel in Chicago, IL.

April 19-2013
LNG 17 brings together the leading LNG experts in Houston, Texas to plan the world's LNG strategy.

Mid America Trucking Show highlights opportunities for natural gas.

MicroLNG prepares quotation for renewable methane from organic landfill waste digestion.

Micro LNG team expands overseas with renewable LNG partners.

Natural gas prices offer significant savings vs diesel. On-site LNG offers signficantly lower cost than LNG from fuel stations.